When you soulfully meditate,
The first thing you get
Is peace,
And this peace
Marks the beginning
Of your heart’s journey
Along the path of perfection

Sri Chinmoy

La meditación tiene dos cosas que ofrecernos: el autodominio y la  transformación propia. Estos dos cosas van juntos. Cuando meditamos, inmediatamente empezamos con el autodominio, y cuando loalcanzamos, vemos que no podemos apreciar los pensamientos feos o no divinos; ya no podemos permanecer por más tiempo en la ignorancia. En ese momento vemos que nuestra transformación está ocurriendo. La meditación nos está dando constantemente el mensaje de auto-transformación.

Los estadios de la Meditación.

En la meditación hay tres etapas: concentración, meditación and contemplacióon. Aspiration houses both prayer and meditation. If you have aspiration, that is the most important thing you need. This aspiration can be manifested in two different ways — either through your most soulful prayer or through concentration, meditation and contemplation. If you follow either path, you can reach your goal. 4


Para un principiante, es mejor empezar con la concentración. De la otra manera, en el momento en que trates de mantener tu mente en calma y vacia, millones de pensamienos inoportunos vendrán a tí y no te sera posible meditar ni durante un segundo. Si te concentras, en ese momento, deasafias a los pensamientos inapropiados que tratan de entrar en tu mente. Por eso, al principio, trata solamente de praticar la concentración por tan solo uns pocos minutos. Entonces, despues de unas semanas o meses, ya puedes tratar de meditar.

Concentration gives us the capacity of intensity, and meditation gives us the capacity of vastness and sublimity. If you feel that you are to some extent advanced, then without concentration you can enter into meditation. 5

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Why do we meditate? We meditate precisely because we need something. And what is that something? That something is the conscious feeling of our oneness with the Supreme. This need must be spontaneous, genuine and soulful.

God may be unknown but He is not unknowable. Our prayers and meditation lead us to that unknown. Freedom we cry for. But strangely enough, we are not aware of the fact that we already have within us immense freedom. Look! Without any difficulty we can forget God. We can ignore Him and we can even deny Him. But God’s Compassion says, «My children, no matter what you do or say, My Heart shall never abandon you. I want you. I need you.»

The mother holds the hand of the child. But it is the child who has to walk, and he does so. Neither the one who is dragged nor the one who drags can be happy. Likewise God says, «My divine children, in your inner life, I give you inspiration. It is you who have to aspire with the purest heart to reach the Golden Beyond.»6

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If we are concentrating on God, we may feel God right in front of us or beside us. When we are meditating, we are bound to feel Infinity, Eternity, Immortality within us. But when we are contemplating, we will see that we ourselves are Infinity, Eternity, Immortality. Contemplation means our conscious oneness with the Infinite, Eternal, Absolute. In contemplation we discover ourselves. When we contemplate, Creator and Creation become one. We become one with the Creator and see the whole universe at our feet, the whole universe inside us. At that time, when we look at our own existence, we don’t see a human being. We see something like a dynamo of Light, Peace and Bliss. 7

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